Enhanced Safety Protocol

  • Frequent disinfection of all contact surfaces and stringent hand-sanitizing protocols in place, all our contact surfaces are thoroughly cleaned between each patient
  • 5 step sterilization for instruments and equipments to ensure that our patients receive maximum safety at all times
  • Daily clinic fumigation and sterilization to ensure all the microbial life is kept in control, our clinic uses concentrated Sodium Hypochlorite solution for disinfection an fumigation of all operatories
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Light disinfection chambers installed in our clinic which are used to store all the sterilised equipments before being used on the patient
  • Standard PPE for Doctors and Dental assistants to ensure we minimise cross-contamination between the patients thereby ensuring our patient and staff safety
  • Enhanced Pre-treatment Protocols for Patients and visitors We have made a patient and visitor protocol changes, this involves hand-sanitization, recording travel/medical history, infra-red thermal scanning and oxygen saturation level checks.
  • Licensed Bio-Medical Waste Disposal Agency: We ensure we dispose off all our medical waste and all our PPE kits with the bio-medical waste agency as per WHO guidelines
  • Aerosol removal using high volume suction devices and natural ventilation in our operatories to ensure we minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission
  • Paperless Medical Records: we have moved from paper files to paperless record maintenance for the safety of our patients and staff
  • Covid declaration & consent form we are signing up all our patients for covid declaration form to enable contact tracing in the community and doing our bit to help the government in combatting the pandemic

5 Step Sterilization

At Dr Braces and Faces, since it’s inception, we have always believed in stringent sterlization protocols for our patients, 5 step sterilization has been in place right from the very beginning. We take pride in being following this since out inception.

  • Step 1 - Immersing insttruments in disinfectant solution for 30 minutes, scrubbing and cleaning in alcohol solution.
  • Step 2 - Cleaned in ultrasonic cleaning chamber
  • Step 3 - Drying the instruments, packaging the instruments in selaed pouches.
  • Step 4 - Sterlized in Class B Autoclaves for 40 minutes to ensure 100% sterilization
  • Step 5 - Storage of instruments in UV chambers, to maintain the sterility of instruments till they are used.

Safety Equipment & Technology

At our office, we offer the very latest advantage in dental technology and equipment.

Dental Chairs

Our improved dental chairs prevent cross - contamination to ensure the patient’s well- being. They are euipped with retractable valves that prevent oral fluids from flowing back into chair tubing.


We use latest xray - technology to daignose oral health problems in a painless, non-invasive way. Our exposure to xrays is negligible level, we follow the ALARA (as low as reasonably possible) priniciple. We make sure we use lead aprons and thyroif collar for our patients during the xray process.

Water Filtration System

Our clinic is installed with reverse osmosis,ultraviolet and iltrafiltration system to ensure the safest possible water supply


We use Class B medical grade autocalves, to sterilize all the instruments and adhere to stringent protocols of sterilization

Dental Materials

All our medicines and materials used in dental procedures are sourced from leading worldwide manufactures like 3M, GC, Ivoclar Viva Dent and Dentsply